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Governor Kay Ivey appointed Patrick Turner to fill the open position of Coroner for Bibb County today according to Bibb County GOP Chairman Jerry Pow. The appointment was announced from the Governor’s office. State Senator April Weaver confirmed that her office and Representative Russell Bedsole had been notified of the appointment this afternoon.

Eric Knox, a Communication Professor at Alabama State University, was named by The Television Academy Foundation as an Alex Trebek Legacy Fellowship Fund honoree. This award provided Knox with a three day all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood, Calif., to attend the foundation’s national confer…

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I thought of it a few days ago when the Southern Baptist Convention determined to move their 2023 annual meeting from Charlotte to New Orleans.

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These past couple of months have been overwhelming for me. When I get overwhelmed, my anxiety goes into overdrive. Sometimes as much as I pray and look to God I just can’t shake the anxiety. I have found myself seeking validation from people instead of God. We are all human. Seeking the validation of others is probably something we have all done from time to time. Some of us have a little thicker skin than others so it is easier to “not care what someone else thinks.” I am not one of these people. Although, my skin has gotten thicker over the years, I still find myself looking for validation.

The powers that Google and Facebook have over economic and political power in society – especially over the news industry—has caught the attention of lawmakers in Washington, DC.  After a close election and many worries over the quality of public debate, many ask if social media have played a role in the misinformation that erodes our free press and plagues our democracy.

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Gov. Kay Ivey’s 2022 reelection victory run has been very impressive. Some of you may be wondering how quickly I have been able to resolve that she has indeed culminated her victorious run when the General Election was held Tuesday and my column’s published date is Wednesday. It is simply, as I have told you numerous times over the past two decades, winning the Republican Primary for governor in the Heart of Dixie is tantamount to election. The General Election is Alabama is an afterthought. We are a one-party state when it comes to statewide races.  

For me, there’s not much more comforting than a big bowl of white beans with a chunk of cornbread and some diced fresh onion. And it’s a bonus if that bowl of beans is filled with chunks of ham and smoky ham flavor.

This is the time when Americans spend a staggering amount of money on holiday shopping. Inflation, supply chain issues, and higher consumer demands will impact prices and the availability of items this holiday season. The National Retail Federation, however, still estimates that holiday sale…

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Call them finger foods, tailgate treats or, if you’re feeling fancy, canapes. Whatever you call them, any food that can be picked up with your hands and enjoyed at a social gathering qualifies as a finger food, and we have enjoyed several types of our reader-submitted recipes. Some of you ma…

I love a warm buttermilk biscuit slathered with apple butter. This thick, rich sauce is like an intensely flavored cinnamon apple sauce. It’s one of those things I hated as a kid but just love now. You can often find apple butter in the grocery store with the jams and jellies or you can make…

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